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Type common texts in multiple documents
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Automatically write down specific text forms. Insert entire paragraphs into up to three documents by pressing selected keys and adding pre-structured content. Create folders to store and organize frequently used phrases for quick access and editing in real time.

If you do a lot of office work, and typing process is your daily routine, wherein you have to repeat many statements in each of the many reports, then you can save time and effort using the Type Pilot program. Type Pilot will help you in keeping an unlimited number of phrases at your fingertips by assigning a keyword to each one. Once you type a keyword in any program or on any web page, the keyword will be replaced with a corresponding phrase. For example: "ifqst" is a keyword for "If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us". The program comes with dozens of ready-to-use phrases. The phrases can be arranged in folders and sub folders that can be easily created, deleted, renamed or sorted. These folders are displayed on the left panel of the program's interface in a tree-like form to facilitate navigation.
The program will allow you to add new phrases or modify and even delete any existing phrase. You can also add comments to each phrase. Many common phrase packages can be downloaded for the developer's site. The program allows you to add any typing program to its black list so that keywords will not be replaced with phrases in that program. One of the disadvantages of this program is that the trial version expires after 100 launches.

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  • The trial version expires after 100 launches
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